Join Safari Club Internation - Southwest Montana Chapter

Join Safari Club Internation - Southwest Montana Chapter
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Who We Are:
The Southwest Montana Chapter of Safari Club is dedicated to both domestic and international wildlife & habitat conservation, they are staunch advocates of hunter`s rights for wildlife management, and education of the general public on sound conservation practices.

What We Do Locally:
  • Improve the image of the American Hunter in the eyes of the general public
  • Sportsman Against Hunger
  • Sensory Safari
  • Disabled Hunter Hunts
  • Academic Scholarships (Youth)
  • American Wilderness School (Teachers)
  • Youth Education Seminars
  • Local Conservation Projects
What We Do To Help Our Members:
  • Protecting the rights of American Sportsman by guaranteeing they are not abridged by the uninformed public.
  • National and Local Legislation Watch
  • Supporting habitat restoration groups for maintaining wilderness locally
  • The Chapter partners with multi-use organizations on certain joint issues to have a louder voice for the government to hear.
What We Do As A Club With Our Membership:
  • Fun dinners and events through out the year.
  • Our chapter members provide valuable insight on Hunting and Fishing both inside and outside of Montana and the United States of America.
  • We invite various guides from around the globe to come and provide presentations to our membership about their hunting operations.
How to join

Memebership Dues:
Regular Members
Chapter Dues: $15
National Dues: $55
Total: $70 Per year

Family Membership
Chapter Dues: $20
National Dues: $75
Total: $95 Per year

Please Contact John Dejarlis (406) 682-5428 or Bill Bradley at or Skip Tubbs (if you would like to make a your membership payment with a credit card) 406-586-3626.

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